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TikTok emerged from ByteDance, a Chinese company, initially launching in 2016 as an app centered around sharing video and audio files. Within a year, its value skyrocketed, prompting a name change to TikTok, making it more appealing internationally. Since then, it has flourished, especially among Generation Z, providing an easy-to-use and engaging platform. 

The app offers numerous editing features, enabling users to create highly creative and unique videos with filters, music alterations, and the ability to share others’ content side by side. As of 2021, TikTok primarily attracts a youthful audience, with a significant portion under 18 and the majority under 40 worldwide. 

Advertising on TikTok mirrors strategies on platforms like Facebook, involving a mix of organic and sponsored content. Similar to Facebook’s feed, TikTok’s “For You” section displays videos chosen by its algorithm based on user behavior, preferences, and even external browsing habits. 

Businesses can create profiles on TikTok, sharing basic details and linking to their websites. Success in organic advertising relies heavily on creative adaptability to the ever-evolving content trends within TikTok’s landscape, often employing hashtags to improve visibility to potential audiences. 

TikTok Ads, akin to Facebook’s system, enables precise audience segmentation based on demographics, geography, and interests. 

Different campaign types on TikTok include:

  1. Conversions Campaign: Guides viewers to external sites for purchase actions. 
  2. Traffic Campaign: Directs users to specific sites without necessarily promoting purchases
  3. Reach Campaign: Focuses on increasing brand exposure.
  4. App Installs Campaign: Aims to boost app downloads
  5. Video Views Campaign: Promotes views among a targeted audience.
  6. Lead Generation Campaign: Facilitates form submissions within the app. 

What distinguishes TikTok’s paid ads is its in-app video editing capabilities. The platform offers AI-based tools for adding design elements, sound alterations, and extensive editing options tailored to video content.